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The soybean milk machine in Joyoung passed the national fair unit inspection and met the food safety standards of the department of health as well as the commodity inspection bureau regulations and norms, please feel free to use.

Joyoung soybean milk machine lubricating oil is safe in quality, please use without worry.

The standard inspection bureau of the ministry of economic affairs announced the test results of Joyoung’s soybean milk machine lubricating oil, which contained no harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

For the report from media that Joyoung’s soybean milk maker is suspected of using industrial lubricating oil, the ministry of economic affairs immediately purchase the commodity (model: DJ13M - C08) on the market for conducting experiment on lubricating oil material and detection of harmful substances. By disassembling the sample parts of the soy milk machine, a small amount of white lubricating oil has been got from the contact position of rubber ring and motor shaft. And then the oil was detected, analyzed and compared through Fourier infrared spectrometer but sixteen polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were not detected.

Moreover, the sample, Dupont Krytox FG 34 lubricants, got from Joyoung’s soy milk maker import agent by BSMI, was detected, analysed by FTIR in the same way. Through comparing the results, the main component is perfluoropolyethers.  According to the research, the lubricating oil material has already been listed and belong to H1 grade food-grade lubricating oil in National Sanitation Foundation international, which is conform to the related requirement of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But this type of perfluoropolyethers has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and chemical stability. Usually, it is used for high temperature bearings, screws and sliders, as well as for food and medical equipment.

The BSMI, points out that soybean milk maker have already belonged to the scope of compulsory inspection commodities. The inspection procedure shall be completed before the products are imported or manufactured in China to meet the inspection requirements. At present, the inspection items announced in accordance with the commodity inspection act are electrical safety specifications and electromagnetic compatibility testing and according to the order, the criteria were CNS 3765, IEC 60335-2-14, IEC 60335-2-15 and CNS 13783-1, all of which are coordinated or quoted IEC international standards. These inspection specification has no regulations on the types of lubricants used for commercial purposes; However, the bureau will continue to care about the related unsafe information of the commodity and work together with Joyoung to implement inspection on non-specified items, basing on the aim of protecting consumer’s hygiene, health and safety. If the test result is found to be harmful to the rights and interests of consumers, the case shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "consumer protection law".

原文網址: http://www.bsmi.gov.tw/wSite/ct?xItem=38322&ctNode=1510&mp=1

Joyoung’s soybean milk machine   statement for Taiwan region

The whole series of soybean milk machine in Joyoung use food-grade lubricating oil. According to recent media reports, many soybean milk machine manufacturers including joyoung have been questioned on the quality of the lubricating oil used in the parts of machine. After in-depth confirmation with Joyoung’s head office, all series soybean milk machine of Joyoung are using lubricants dupont Krytox FG 34, approved by NSF ( National Sanitation Foundation) and achieving FDA's highest H1 rating.

Joyoung, as the first brand of soybean milk machine, each product has passed the strict certification of BSMI of the standard inspection bureau of the ministry of economic affairs, and has passed a number of tests and verification of international fair inspection institutions, which ensures the highest guarantee for the design and quality of products.