Simple elimination and fault analysis

Fault phenomenon Remedy
Fault phenomenon: The indicator light is not on Remedy: Place the head in position and make sure the power supply is normal.
Fault phenomenon: Key failure Remedy: Make sure the water level is normal and the machine is connected to the power supply.
Fault phenomenon: The machine alerts when power is on Remedy: Confirm the water level is normal
Fault phenomenon: Overflow Remedy: Refer to the cookbook for operating the soy milk maker.
Fault phenomenon: Sticky and burnt tube and pot Remedy: It is recommended to clean the machine before use and add beans and water according to the Manual or cookbook.
Fault phenomenon: Long beeping sound Remedy: Something abnormal found via automatic detection. After cleaning, please refer to the User Manual to operate again.
Fault phenomenon: The motor does not stop Remedy: There may be water in the head. Please send for repair.
Fault phenomenon: Too long cooking time Remedy: The cooking time is affected by water quantity, water temperature, power supply voltage, and ambient temperature.
Fault phenomenon: The head is dyed Remedy: A few food materials can dye the head, which is normal.


  • 1.

    Please use AC110V power supply, since incorrect voltage will cause the soy milk maker to burn down.

  • 2.

    As for the old models of the JYDZ (whose production was suspended in 2016) and DJ13M-C series, please note that the fine grinding device is properly installed, so as to prevent the fine grinding device from falling off during cooking, resulting in damage to the blade and the fine grinding device and even burning of the motor.

  • 3.

    As for the old models of the JYDZ (whose production was suspended in 2016), please note that improper addition of ingredients may make the electrical heated tube stick, and even may cause the electrical heated tube to burn or even burn out, so it is recommended to refer to the soy milk maker cookbook when cooking.

  • 4.

    Please be careful not to let the upper part of the head get wet when cleaning. There are heat emission holes on the head, and if water is poured over the top of the head and enters the head, the control board, transformer, and motor will be burnt.