Product warranty


Warranty Login Instructions About On-line Products

Thank you for purchasing a Joyoung product! 

Before logging in, please become a member of the website and enjoy the following benefits: 

1. Customers who purchase the machine within two years of the production period can log in, and those who purchase the machine beyond that period need to bring the purchase certificate to the Sampo Maintenance Station to log in. 

2. Notification of Latest Products and Promotions. 

3. If you lose your warranty card or purchase certificate, you can still enjoy the warranty time and repair service by using the on-line login data. 

4. It will help product customer service staff to find your information more quickly, in order to provide more intimate service. 

 When you purchase our products, whether the on-line data is completed or not, the product warranty is in effect. 

Please be reminded that: 

1. For those who participate in the gift events, please fill in the product information in the Product Registration Area after registering as a member, and you will get notified via Email after the data is reviewed by the system.

2. Within one week after purchasing the product, please enter the on-line warranty data, so that we can provide you with more perfect after-sales service. 

3. It is recommended that you choose to register with your personal E-mail account. 

(If you register with a FB account, the letter of authentication may not be received smoothly because it may be blocked.)